Back once again to a ‘small’ sensor format.


Now there is method to my madness here. The Panny GH3 i just picked up was a complete bargain – practically half the normal retail cost. And, by rebate a 25mm F1.4 lens and battery grip can be claimed. It’s an exceptional lens and should I decide not to keep the bundle I can sell on for an attractive profit.


 The ups and downs of micro four thirds has been discussed many times, some love this format, others are not so keen. I sit on the fence. I appreciate its good and bad points, and in reality it would work very well for me, given that i don’t really print and images are always reduced for uploading to the web.


All images were taken with the Olympus 75mm F1.8 lens. A sparkler. It gives lovely subject isolation, contrast, and fantastic sharpness.  (the crop below of Kira’s eye shows me quite clearly, and almost all of the room behind me) It also costs a fair bit for what in 35mm terms would be a not-so-fast lens.



The GH3 is a similar size to the Sony A58, but outperforms it in most areas – except possibly dynamic range. But (and its a big but) the A58 is the entry level model SLT, costs almost nothing, and a fast prime can be had for less than £100. The GH3 was the top of the range model from Panny, only recently replaced by the GH4.

P1000138 ty

So in m43 world there is no way up from here.




Take A Guess

We went to a BBQ/birthday bash in sunny (between showers) Brentwood yesterday. It was a great day but I didn’t take a single photo – despite plenty of modelling material. There must have been 20 odd young kids!  Travelling down I received an email from my favourite forum stating that someone wanted to buy my happy crappy A58 so I left it in the car to preserve its condition.


When i arrived home about 9pm there was a box stashed outside, soaking wet, containing my latest purchase. A quick  couple of snaps this morning to check it hadn’t been damaged in the rain shows all is well.


So which camera? which lens? Take a guess (not you JT – that would be cheating.)



Little Miss H




My littlest lady, our baby girl, and the only one not yet at school.




The years fly and you realise that you barely have time to take part!




I wish that I had been as photo enthusiastic when my older girls had been little, the oldest being almost 18 and a grown woman to all intents and purposes.




So I take the opportunity to enjoy the one year I have left before Kira goes off to school – we are almost always together and every day is different.




Mostly simple things – a trip to the Park, a walk through The Lows to the shops (for ice cream), a day at the seaside, or the local Forest. To a three year old its all a big adventure.


An adventure mostly conducted under the watchful eye of Sookie – self proclaimed Protector of The Pack, and, of course, Mr H himself.






That’s the game!

DSCF0229 (2)-Edit

But a Boomerang is the tool of choice, as in this game the tools I replace somehow find their way back to me……regularly.


My recent Nikon purchase, after relieving myself of my FF Sony’s, went askew – so, with money in my purse I’m on the prowl for a deal – but not with any particular gusto.

DSCF0025 (2)-Edit

Things are a-changing. Nikon are about to ‘replace’ the D800 I adore, Sony should replace the A99 I just got rid of by the end of this year, and I’ve spotted some interesting pricing on a Fuji lens I think I would LOVE – but, it would require a body to mount it on.


I think in the three camps I sit on the fence of one has a very obvious visual signature (to me). The others have their differences, but don’t jump off of the screen at me.

DSCF5854 (2)-Edit

Does this mean its a better brand/system? Not at all. But I do find it appealing, for most of the reasons a lot of photogs actually DON’t like it.

DSC_1300 (2)

Can you tell which of these pics are from which camera?

DSCF2403 (2)

Answers on a postcard.





I look at a LOT of images. Some I find technically great, others inspire me and some are just plain pretty.


I also see a lot of images that do nothing for me, bore me despite being correctly exposed/framed etc, or are quite unattractive for some reason.


There are many ways you can cook an image, and the subjective nature of post processing leads to great debate, criticism and sometimes downright nastiness amongst members of prominent forums.


Folk share opinions on under/over exposure, noise, detail smearing, wonky WB, blown highlights, blocked shadows……..the list goes on.



For me –  I love head shots primarily and i like to play – like a kid with crayons.


I say make it your own, colour it up, chop it to bits, do what you like (or don’t) to make it the image you want it to be. Some will like it, others will not, but ultimately your style will become a part of your signature.


And, if you put it out there on the world wide web be prepared for feedback from one end of the scale to the other.


N.B If photography is how you make your living disregard the last statement – the client is ALL that matters – hopefully they picked you because they like your style anyway .