Pixel Peeping

DSCF2016-Edit boys

Its so easy to be a victim of this – and to then find everything lacking.


At normal viewing sizes (or web viewing) everything looks great,


but then you zoom to 100% and SHOCK! you notice that focus isn’t exactly spot on.


Damn, didn’t you know that lens was a dud?  – send it back!

DSCF2049 boys

I jest not, I fall victim to this myself.

DSCF4161-Edit boys

I pay for a lens (normally not cheap) and I want it to work perfectly.I don’t want to mess around with AF fine tune and all that malarkey.


But, in all seriousness, unless the problem is actually noticeable un-zoomed, much as it peeves me, I am less than likely to do anything about it.


Now when it comes to camera bodies (yes Nikon, I am specifically talking about you) that’s a while ‘nother story.

DSC06039 85d7k


(P.S Which may get more than a passing mention depending when mine is finally returned to me)



My Boys


Lucky me, I got three of each (including Mr.H)


Love ’em all to bits.




I am (currently) camera-less!!


Not quite sure what to do with myself. I’m so used to having a camera wherever I go that I feel somewhat redundant without.


But I am hoping its a short separation. I’ve shipped it off to Nikon repair for a focussing issue, quite well reported with this particular model.


It’s a bit of a test too, I want to see how well Nikon deal with the warranty repair – before buying an FF body to round out my kit.


Watch this space…



…..and check out the WEIRD ‘bokeh’ from the 85mm F1.8D




Builder’s Hands

DSC_1196 85mmLV-2

Despite having thoroughly researched all the necessary equipment for ‘Pro’ work there still seems to be a myriad of options, within each option, and budget.


Bearing in mind that every photographer is different – some have vast kits comprising many different lenses to cover a vast array of scenarios.


Others are very specific in the look they like to achieve and the lenses they require for their work.

DSC_1446 Kyla

MOST recommend a fairly basic setup of two camera bodies, a fast standard zoom (24-70mm F2.8), a telephoto zoom (70-200mm f2.80 and an even faster prime (85mm F1.4ish).

DSC_1216 85mmLV

On this basis I have acquired a D7k as a back up body with a 50mm F1.8 and Sigma 50-150mm F2.8, bearing equivalence to FF in mind, and, an 85mm F1.8G and 24-70mm F2.8 for either a D750 or D810, I cant decide which, though i might swap the primes around.


Amidst this little building project i have to send my brand new D7k to Nikon for repair/Service as it seems plagued by the well reported back focus issue. (see below).

DSC_1234 85mmLV

Whilst that is in the shop I will let heal the callouses on my hands, from the ridiculously difficult job of spending.




Re-Record, Not Fade Away

Who remembers that advert (Scotch Videotape 1985)


Well, the best way to test a lens is of course, on a tripod, with flash, on a static subject. That’s what I did. Though its not the way I shoot at all (wouldn’t it be great? every pic would be flawless!)


As you can see Casey was more than eager to participate (NOT) in the five minute test.  But it proves that lens and body work perfectly well.


Happy days. (Except the flash didn’t fire in the  B & W shot)


Baby Bazooka


I thought I would have to wait longer for this ‘little’ lens to arrive in the post. But today it appeared, as if by magic!


The parcel was really small, to the point that I thought it was actually something completely different, as the full frame alternative – Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 – is significantly bigger and heavier. I thought there would be less to distinguish them.


For those potentially upgrading to FF it really is a bit of foolish purchase, unless weight is REAL issue, as it is specifically made for DX format bodies, like the D7000.


On crop sensor bodies it supposedly performs better than its FF counterpart, but i’m sure that would be splitting hairs in real use.


Still, right now I have a crop sensor body and the Sigma 50-150mm F 2.8 is half the price of its bigger brother, The Bazooka, and that suits my pocket right now. 


How’d it do? Pretty good. I’m not blown away (as in the Sigma 100-300mm F4) but there is nothing to dislike at all. The focussing speed and acquisition, (and this is the non IS version i’m speaking of) , contrast, colour and sharpness are all subject to the same user flaws as any other lens.


So…..am I happy? Yup. My crop sensor set up is growing, and whilst I really should refrain from DX lenses as a majority, this one is a perfect example of all that right with the smaller sensor format.


Size/Weight, affordability and NEED. Yes folks, need, not desire. You read it here first. Lol.