Fenland Frolics


Nanny (with the cat) had a birthday recently, and came to visit last weekend to celebrate. Luckily the weather was beautiful (isn’t it always lately?) and we had a fabulous day.



We had a long walk through the local Fen, covering a fair few miles, and a few more shutter actuations!



The kids had a great time, and its quite amazing what they find of interest in what initially appears to be fairly barren, mostly beige or green, land.


Cows, ponies (or horses, im not sure) butterflies, sticks, flowers…..and a surprising amount of mud.


Grandad provided a taxi service to each in turn, almost all the way around.


Testament to his good health, strength (Ty is no lightweight) and generosity of spirit.



We made it back to the car park in perfect time, I went off to collect Erin from work and we met the others back at The White Hart Pub , which has a lovely garden with great views and even greater play equipment.



The day was rounded off with a BBQ, couple of bottles of wine,and a birthday cake for Nanny (with the cat).

DSC00296-Edit-Edit KH2



2 comments on “Fenland Frolics

  1. marla2008 says:

    That’s a pony 😉 Beautiful captures, but my brain is reeling at the Technicolor processing. I’m afraid I’m an old fart !

  2. Oh, good to know, I’m sure you mentioned in a recent post about the height/size difference, but its lost on me! 🙂

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