Breaking And Exiting

DSC03611 (3)eye

Ok, I have behaved for ages. Sensible composition and framing, CONSERVATIVE editing. And I have enjoyed it.

DSC03574 (2)b

For the environmental stuff it actually suits. Who needs anything wacky when you have scenery and varied subject matter.

DSC03525 (2)-Edit   But….when the subject is a familiar one, its nice to shoot slightly differently if possible. Different, hair, make up, wardrobe, lighting, blah, blah.


Its still results in similar stuff, but the ‘on the spot’  nature of the shoot makes it fun. The editing makes processing less dull, less by the book.

DSC03611 (3)

Whether the highlights are clipped, shadows are blocked or the virtual horizon is wonky is not the theme of the day. DSC03584 (2) The theme?   Break Out.  Enjoy it.




Heirs & Assigns

Yesterday was another beautiful. sunny day and, being the weekend we decided to meet up with Chris’s parents at Southwold, a gorgeous little spot on the East Coast. DSCF0216 (2) DSCF0229 (2) I was surprised that half of East Anglia seemed to have the same idea, the place was buzzing, although the Beach wasn’t as packed as the Town itself. Its very Boutiquey, expensive and I for one would love to live there. DSC03137 (2)-Edit DSCF0244 (2) I was intending originally to only take the little Fuji cam, but decided at the last minute to take the SLT along as well, both with fast, fixed focal lengths DSC03187 (2) DSCF0292 (2) The dynamic range was enormous, and a challenge for the Fuji, whose maximum shutter speed is 1/4000th of a second, not quite fast enough for the extreme light to allow shooting wide open. DSCF0237 (2) DSCF0256 (2)-Edit

A spot of lunch at one of the cafes with tables on the promenade and we were off again. DSCF0288 (2) DSC03179 (2)

A little further up the coast, to a less densely populated spot. The wind and sea were a little more active here and there were kites in the air and boarders on the water. The kids loved it. DSCF0285 (2) DSC03183 (2)-Edit-Edit These folk were enjoying their spot…… DSCF0222 (2)-Edit DSCF0271 (2)-Edit The Harding Family had a fabulous day out together (and had a lovely evening: dinner, wine and Will I Am bawling on ‘The Voice’). Perfect.

DSC03207 (2)-Edit



DSC02918 (2)

A simple trip to the playground.

DSC02926 (2)

No more than 20 minutes and the heavens opened.

DSC02868 (2)

Albeit briefly. By the time we got home  – less than half a mile – the sun was shining once more.

DSC02913 (2)

So, few pics. Fewer still as the motion blur issue plagues me, though I cannot work out why!

DSC02857 (2)

Exposure wasn’t really an issue today as I took some advice, went all manual, set the aperture and ISO based on a SS of 1/500th of a second. Did not solve the problem, which at this point I can only diagnose as camera shake.

DSCF0099 (2)

So, back to the tried and tested: bricks,

DSC02188computer games……..and editing.



Oh I Do Like To Be..

..Beside the seaside. Yes I do, even in February.

DSC02612 (2) (800x505)

Its been a gorgeous day mostly, the sun shining, no rain in sight. Had a visit from a lovely friend this morning and decided to spend the afternoon at Gunton Hills, aka The Seaside.

DSC02671 (2)EDIT1 (800x533)

Its one of my favourite spots around this area as its quiet, under populated, even now, during the school holidays and, an added bonus, we can walk the dogs here all year round.

DSC02617 (2) (800x592)

Most beaches place restrictions on dogs between May and September, so obviously, being February, its largely irrelevant.

DSC02505 (2) (800x533)

I took along the Sony with the Minolta 28-75mm. I thought it best to give it a real spin outdoors, where it should shine, although being relatively fast at F2.8 it is fine for indoor use, depending on various factors – time of year, time of day, amount of ambient light available etc.

DSC02731 (2) (800x597)

It was a tricky shoot for me. I ramped up the SS to 1/400th of a second, aperture at about 3.5 ,mostly, ISO at base given the amount of light available, and came away with two issues (couple hundred pics – of which maybe 20 are useable), blur and poor exposure. WTF?!

DSC02534 (2) (800x533)

Ive emailed my guru and shall be providing pics for her tomorrow (thanks Nianys) but I really need to read more……..and get out and about more.

DSC02678 (2) (571x800)

In these tedious, long winter months it is easy to get comfy shooting macro, indoor static objects or kids with flash and static camera settings. Im out of practise with the ‘on the fly’ exposure changes that outdoor pursuits and the warmer seasons bring.

DSC02702 (2)EDIT2 (800x533)

But, all said and done it was a lovely afternoon for La Famille Harding and we headed home a contented lot.

DSC02818 (2) (800x370)