A Hard Paper Round


…..Well it has been the last couple of weeks. I won’t post pictures to prove it as I might scare my readers away for good.

But, saying that, it’s also been great. No bad news thus far (no news is good news right?), great treatment, lovely staff and, more importantly, friends and family have been fantastic.


Everyone has been so supportive and I’m blown away by the generosity of spirit that people have shown to us during this time.


Cards, flowers, chocolates (all for me, yum) FB messages, texts and calls. Offers to help with the kids, the housework, even offers to walk the lone dog, for Chris, who has his hands full. Amazing, we are surrounded by fabulous people. Thanks muchly to all.

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Chris has been a star, and although I’ve had to endure countless hours of The British Lions Tour of Oz, I am impressed with how he has coped.


Last week was reminiscent of the Sunday paper round, anyone remember those days? The papers were so heavy you had to split the round, and I had three rounds.


On a more upbeat note, Casey turned 13 and had a fabulous birthday, she even says so her self, which, coming from a now teenager, is pretty cool.

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This week has been the average Monday to Friday kinda round, pretty smooth, slight uphill slant. The job gets done.

It wont be long before I retire this round in favour of my proper day job (and Chris knows just how ‘proper’ it is now).



(All pix in this post shot with a Samsung NX1000).


The Last Hangover

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On the eve before the eve before an important (not to be named) event what better to do than contemplate profundities:

Will I be home in time for the next installment of Nashville (er, that’d be a no without doubt…damn)

Will Sony release a discount code just when i’m in no position to take advantage of it? (probably, bastards)

How long before I can drink again – got that covered, bottle of Moet at the ready please Mr H – 16/07/2013

IMG_0650 (2)-Edit

and, how long before I don’t look like I have ‘fat kid syndrome’ as Erin politely describes it; Norwich Half Marathon 2014 as the end goal here.

In the past any mention of a half marathon was nixed by pregnancy. Y’all know I’m done with that right? Now there will be no excuses.

The BIG things are taken care of:

Erin. The Barrister.

Casey. Deadville’s Next Top Model.

Max. Policeman, or career criminal, a fine line between them I fear.

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Ty. fireman of course.

Kira…..Oh God, I pity her poor future husband.

Chris, he knows what he needs to know, and I need say no more.

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Bring it on I say.


See you on the other side (thanks to RR for these beauties).