I look at a LOT of images. Some I find technically great, others inspire me and some are just plain pretty.


I also see a lot of images that do nothing for me, bore me despite being correctly exposed/framed etc, or are quite unattractive for some reason.


There are many ways you can cook an image, and the subjective nature of post processing leads to great debate, criticism and sometimes downright nastiness amongst members of prominent forums.


Folk share opinions on under/over exposure, noise, detail smearing, wonky WB, blown highlights, blocked shadows……..the list goes on.



For me –  I love head shots primarily and i like to play – like a kid with crayons.


I say make it your own, colour it up, chop it to bits, do what you like (or don’t) to make it the image you want it to be. Some will like it, others will not, but ultimately your style will become a part of your signature.


And, if you put it out there on the world wide web be prepared for feedback from one end of the scale to the other.


N.B If photography is how you make your living disregard the last statement – the client is ALL that matters – hopefully they picked you because they like your style anyway .




5 comments on “Crayola

  1. marla2008 says:

    Oh right you are about all this !! First a disclaimer, I like all images in this post VERY much, except maybe for the first shot of Ty, because it’s an expressionless one (and you know my mantra, “if you don’t have an expression, than you don’t have a shot. Which is also why the first Max shot is so awesome !!).
    But back to the subject of doing your own thing, and getting reviews for it, I’m ALL with you. AND, I’m also the first to either embrace your work (you’ve made me everything from blissful, to downright envious, with your images), or tell you openly when the processing just isn’t my cup of tea. And I always encouraged you, and always will, to keep on doing what YOU like, because ultimately, it does define your style and who you are, artistically speaking. And I do think even the pros should go by this rule, we sure would deplore less boring, cookie cutter or downright lousy infant/maternity/wedding and whatnot shots if people tried to be truly creative rather than fitting some sort of mold…

  2. Thanks,

    I always appreciate your feedback, as even when its not your cup of tea what you have to say is constructive and polite. I often ask you for advice (and probably always will!) because you know your stuff, and even though we have completely different styles, your knowledge and skill are still relevant to me.

    I think individualism is what drives us to certain photogs to begin with and do like that there is a huge variety available, despite the over abundance of cookie cutters 🙂

  3. Love the last 5 pics! Specially the “midsummer’s night dream” and “nap on the sofa”……….

  4. Thanks Laurent! Hows the weather in your neck of the Woods? Improved I hope since we last spoke? 🙂

    • Weather is fabulous, 25-30C, sometimes warmer like today, it is a joy to be outside with the kids after that atrocious winter, going to the beach (lake Michigan) or the outdoor pool!

      Nature is a wonder in my area, you basically switch from a frigid winter to a warm summer in only a month, this is quite a change from the north of france where I am from!!!!

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