Keeping An Eye On The Needle


Having jumped from Sony Alpha to Nikon in the last few months has seen a bit of a learning curve. Probably one I would’ve been better off making earlier.


Sony offer a fantastic set of features on the A99 that I owned, one of them being the EVF. Most all MILC options sport this, and if its where you start it can lead to good images, but with basic ignorance regarding the exposure triangle.


See, every change you make shown in the EVF or on the LCD BEFORE you take the shot. So you can twiddle a knob here, press a button there and when you like what you see, press the button. Job done.


Until you switch.


In honesty, i have a pretty good grasp of what I’m doing, but i’ve been reading a lot about exposure compensation recently, and having always been a manual shooter I thought it was time to have a go.


Er….maybe I should try again ( and read a bit more) as I made a pretty stupid mistake today when at the seaside. I had the camera in manual mode, ISO auto, forgetting that exp comp would change the ISO and not the shutter speed, which I had left at 1/2000.



DSC_1407-Edit Chris's effort

I know I need a high shutter speed to freeze action, but 1/2000 is probably overkill for anything less than a full on sporting match. (Ruggers next week).


So, the outcome. A few nice shots. Lots of noisy shots. Bummer.