Jack It Up….

If you like it loud. The noise is deafening.

Make that just plain ugly.

I admit, I’m struggling here. There are those who produce stunning images with a point and shoot or an iphone, I don’t count myself amongst them. Excluding the mighty Q (I am talking compact sensor, not necessarily compact size, cos the NEX beats ass there) me and the point and shoot as a duo are pretty shit.

IMG_0580 (2)_3

I DO need a decent sized sensor and a few quid in camera to make a decent picture and am not shamed by that fact. Casey on the other hand, as well as being ‘Deadville’s next top model’ can snap a ‘selfie’ with a BB and shoot me down in flames.


I must admit we had a little sing off earlier…..and sometimes Mama does know best.




DSC00740 (2)_1

Well, that’s the catchphrase.

DSC01394 (2)_1

I am camera-less after the Sony debacle. Temporary, but also boring!

DSC00319 (2)_1

I’ve been messing around with SnapSeed on my tab again, and I had forgotten how simple and fun it is to use.

DSC00941 (2)_1

I like that it can make mundane (really mundane) pix a little more lively and interesting.

DSC00224 (2)_1

Although, that is a matter of opinion. 🙂

DSC01128 (2)_1

As they say, a rose by any other name…….

DSC01132 (2)_1


On Reflection

IMGP0248 (2)

We went to the Zoo….again. We go often as we have season tickets, and it is becoming a near teeth pulling experience. But, the kids love it. Today the little Q came along for the ride. And yes, I went  a little bonkers with the ‘Unicolour Bold’ setting 🙂

IMGP0176 (2)

I hit upon a snag, the weather. Now i’m not complaining about 20 degrees in the sun, gorgeous weather, beautiful day, perfect. Except for the camera. It works fantastically well as a mirror, reflects my image perfectly in these conditions, but as a camera it really is nigh on useless. Every shot here was taken blind.

IMGP0189 (2)

Couldn’t see a damn thing.

IMGP0195 (2)

I have to say that, despite this problem, the IQ still blows me away. All pics are straight out of camera JPEG’s, with no post processing (except the in camera kind of course).

IMGP0226 (2)

Now I know this is the curse of many a VF-less P & S camera and 9 months of the year (actually make that about 10.5) its not a problem, sunny ole England is rarely sunny…or dry.

IMGP0236 (2)

WIll it have me beating a hasty retreat back to the VF and tilty screen of the NEX 7 though…………..?

IMGP0251 (2)

Just Me, You….And The Q.


Yesterday was our 1st Wedding anniversary. We decided to spoil ourselves, and spend it alone. No kids, no dogs, nada. Didn’t go far, only 20 miles up the road to the lovely City of Norwich. Beautiful weather made it all the better.

IMGP0072 (2)

First in line was Norwich Castle. A little disappointing that neither the battlements or the dungeons were open for viewing it was enjoyable nonetheless and we learnt a little more about the county we call home (sort of).

IMGP0102 (2)

IMGP0093 (2)   IMGP0091 (2)   IMGP0090 (2)

Then…. to the pub. A spot of lunch whilst waiting for an appt to have a tattoo commemorating the date.

IMGP0094 (2)

After that, another pub, The Ribs Of Beef, situated on the river, Patrons of which are friends we met on our honeymoon last year in Turkey, Anthea and Roger. Beautiful.

IMGP0112 (2)

Walking along, just headed past the Cathedral we spied a little open door and decided to take a look. Well I never, an absolutely stunning building, enormous.

IMGP0123 (2)

We had a brief history lesson from a little old lady, who took the time to tell us about the architecture and the building of the cathedral, and also how the Queen was responsible for the stained glass window being restored to its most colourful glory (a little mistake we hear, but a good one!)

IMGP0133 (2)   IMGP0139 (2)

IMGP0127 (2)

Then, off to the pub….a different one 🙂 we had to be a little choosy as Norwich City had just lost at home to Aston Villa and the place was flooded with fan, and Police.

IMGP0081 (2)

At the end of a lovely day together we took ourselves to the Thai on the River, a restaurant on a boat. Gorgeous food, great service, a lovely little find.

IMGP0162 (2)

Happy Anniversary Mr H. xx

IMGP0166 (2)

P.S. The Q performed admirably! 🙂

Big Brother,Teeny Brother.

IMGP0428 (2) (640x640)

I have been patient, awaiting the A77, but alas it seeems to have disappeared somewhere on the Sony Network 😦
Whats a girl to do?
Well, Ebay of course! (and a little Amazon thrown in for good measure)

IMGP0539 (3) (640x640)
Aside from the A77 i have been looking for a ‘compact’ cam, we have a little camping trip coming up and who would lug a DSLT with them? Not me…..because I don’t have one…yet.

IMGP0378 (2) (640x640)
So, i went shopping, but im easily swayed by a bargain, and before I knew it I had three cameras in my figurative shopping basket; Pentax K01 (not remotely compact, but on sale godammit!), Pentax Q and the Nikon V1.
The V1 is largely adored – I opened it all up, played with it for 5 minutes and promptly packed it up again…moving on.
The Q. I complained to a friend ‘it’s shit’, won’t focus properly, slow, i swear it faulty and I m returning it!’ Not before updating the firmware. And damn, its like a different camera. It works flawlessly, AF pretty snappy and focus is just fine. I really think I might keep it. It’s TINY, no bigger than my Iphone, or a packet of fags, whichever you prefer and could be the winner in my compact search.

IMGP0928 (2) (640x640)
The K01. Aah, now, I am WAITING….and waiting (Sony, if you are listening) for my A77, and, the K01 is not compact at all, it’s a DSLR that has been de-humped, so there is no (real) use having both. But, its bloody brilliant!Its a ginormous ‘Q’. Similar features to the Sony lineup, as in Focus Peaking, mounts legacy glass blah, blah, blah so why do I want to keep it? I dont know, i just do. Its great.

IMGP0547 (2)
But its not yellow, and that ain’t cool.

IMGP0918 (2) (640x640)