That’s the game!

DSCF0229 (2)-Edit

But a Boomerang is the tool of choice, as in this game the tools I replace somehow find their way back to me……regularly.


My recent Nikon purchase, after relieving myself of my FF Sony’s, went askew – so, with money in my purse I’m on the prowl for a deal – but not with any particular gusto.

DSCF0025 (2)-Edit

Things are a-changing. Nikon are about to ‘replace’ the D800 I adore, Sony should replace the A99 I just got rid of by the end of this year, and I’ve spotted some interesting pricing on a Fuji lens I think I would LOVE – but, it would require a body to mount it on.


I think in the three camps I sit on the fence of one has a very obvious visual signature (to me). The others have their differences, but don’t jump off of the screen at me.

DSCF5854 (2)-Edit

Does this mean its a better brand/system? Not at all. But I do find it appealing, for most of the reasons a lot of photogs actually DON’t like it.

DSC_1300 (2)

Can you tell which of these pics are from which camera?

DSCF2403 (2)

Answers on a postcard.




4 comments on “Ping-Pong

  1. drpankajshukla says:

    which nikon purchase ?…….I m sorry I came in a bit late ..

  2. Hi Drpankajshukla,

    I purchased a D700 and assorted lenses via The Bay, but the seller changed his mind, though I still haven’t received the refund.

    So for now I am keeping an eye on rumoured developments.

  3. Keef says:

    Out of interest why did you ditch the a99? Noise? Did you ever run the RAWs through DxO Optics?

    • Hi Keef,

      Thanks for your comments. I sold the A99 primarily as I felt the high ISO performance didn’t equal that of other FF offerings at the time. I also had issues with the AF – finding it a little pedestrian. But, with hindsight I do wish I had tried RAW and software such as you mention. I recently had the chance to try the A77ii for an afternoon, and whilst not initially impressed I was astounded at the difference once i switched to RAW! I am eagerly awating the A99 replacement to see if it can compete with the D8 series in terms of noise and AF.

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