Beam Me Up Oly

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I’m pretty much duplicating a post I’ve submitted to a different blog hosting site. I have been trying to compare the two sites in terms of UI, functionality for my personal use , how data is relayed back and various other things.


They are surprisingly  different, with each being stronger in certain areas.


The pics posted here today are from my ‘new’ Olympus OMD EM5, which I haven’t chosen over and above other offerings in this category  – Nex 7, Fuji XE2 – it was the right price and i saw it at the right time.


It’s a lovely unit (thank you Chris) and paired with the 45mm F1.8 is very handbag friendly. The way to gear hungry girl’s heart 🙂


So, these are initial snaps (except the one of Kira, which is from an earlier model) whilst i try to combat the ridiculous menus Olympus pride themselves on.


……now where has that damn SCP thingy gone…..?






The Shoestring End


The Sony DT 55-200mm – slow as molasses, made for crop sensor, but at £60 its an absolute gem, and a veritable bargain.


With a max aperture of F4 at the wide end and F5.6 at the tele end its perfectly good outdoors and even on the ’99 – where resolution is dropped to a ‘mere’ 10MP it doesn’t disappoint.


And you can even achieve reasonable subject isolation, at the long end, and within reasonable proximity of the intended subject.


I have recently been taking The Rainmaker out and about, but sometimes you want the reach without the weight.


I have been looking for other zooms – Sigma 75-200mm springs to mind, but sample variation is renowned and the only one on the board I’ve seen has a serial number starting with the dreaded 1xxxxx.


So for today the little Sony zoom fit the bill – It may  not be perfect, but its cheap,small and light, and good fun to boot.



Smoke & Mirrors


Sometimes the magic doesn’t happen.


I had a plan: take the A99 and Sigma 100-300mm F4, with a tripod, to the seaside, pick a spot and let the kids and dogs play for a while.


It all fits rather neatly in my new Tenba camera bag and would give me the opportunity to test the lens properly, with stability, and to practise shooting moving targets 😉


The plan was not well received.



The tripod stayed in the car and we wandered up (down?) the coast, stopping here and there along the way.


So, all images are handheld, only reiterating what I already know: motion is an issue, metering a PITA with mostly backlit subjects – resulting in muddy midtones, underexposed subject and blown highlights.





Another query that is difficult to answer is whether lens have a sweet spot in terms of lens focal length vs distance of subject. I find when shooting across greateer distance the images have a jello effect, no particular area of sharpness or focus.


But, with the usual array of subjects and standard static shots, I gotta say, the lens renders very well. Lovely contrast, colour and sharpness.


The AF is great, and I did (just) catch the odd ‘action’ shot.


In under two years I can clearly see a pattern of improvement, from knowing absolutely nothing about ISO, shutter speed and aperture, composition, metering etc to….here. But, there is still a loooong way to go it seems.


Inspiration, where art thou?





Monochrome Mademoiselles

Ok, so a little dramatic editing, courtesy of Silver Efex Pro – The Nik Collection.

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KIRAB (1024x681)-Edit



And yes Nianys, the portrait orientation image size is ridiculous in comparison to that of the landscape orientation images!