Much Maligned


Someone made a comment today about the Nikon 180mm F2.8 being a maligned tool in the right hands. The starving man’s 200mm F2.


I don’t know why its not particularly favoured, it’s half the weight and price as a 70-200mm F2.8, optically as good (if not better), but maybe an awkward FL??


For me, its a nice addition to the tele end of my kit, which now comprises a 24-70mm F2.8, 50mm F1.8D, 85mm F1.8D and 180mm F2.8D.

TLK_3685 reflect

I have a small gap yet to fill, and I am sorely tempted by the Nikon 135mm F2 DC over the 70-200mm F2.8……

TLK_3646-Edit reflect

….hmmm. ❤


Practise Makes


For more practise me thinks!


I have a ‘shoot’ coming up, and I had some ideas in mind.

TLK_3535-Edit 85Dc

I set out today to put these into action and…..


it wasn’t quite as straightforward as I had hoped.


(Who was I kidding?)

TLK_3520 85Dc-2

But, one good thing, apart from the weather, was that it gave me some other ideas that I know I can now try.

TLK_3541 85Dc

It will work, or it won’t and it doesn’t matter how many hundreds of images I take, it really only needs one (or maybe three) to call it a success. Fingers crossed.TLK_3448

P.S The kit zooms put in a pretty decent performance here. 


The Final Stretch


I hate to say it, but I will not be upset when our Zoo season tickets expires at the end of this year.


We have had them for your consecutive years, and utilised them well.


Fair to say, you get a lot for your pennies. Free entrance to Banham, Africa Alive and half price entrance to Dinosaur Adventure.


For a family like us, with 5 kids, you’re looking at close to a hundred quid for a day out at just one of these. Not that the older two would be that eager to join us.


Today, it was just me, Mr H and the littlest one. Half  Term for the boys hasn’t started yet.


It was very quiet, the weather was clear and Kira loves it, especially the Giraffes…..go figure.


So a trip or two more maybe. Who can say? 


It’s been well worth it, but the kids are growing up fast and it’s time to move on. 


School beckons for little Miss H……

TLK_3198 kiraclarity--2


The Monochrome Dilemma



I read a thread recently suggesting that many people are drawn more to monochrome images than colour ( I can’t actually find the article to reference it!).

TLK_3169-Edit-2 caseycrimp

I agree in part that photographers often get more ‘wow’ from their mono images when they first start out, and its quite safe to convert each image or even just shoot in this picture style consistently.

TLK_3023 caseycrimp

But to take away colour takes so much away from an image and I often try to use  black and white conversions more sparingly, if I feel the image will convey its message more honestly this way.


I also find it difficult to process mono images to my liking. I hate ‘muddy’ (grey) skin tones, but don’t love really high contrast so much anymore either….. it’s hard to escape both.

TLK_3175-Edit-Edit caseycrimp

I’m not disparaging black and white photography at all, Im just convinced its ‘better’ or more powerful to the viewer than colour.



The Dark Side


Ive been trying to compare full frame cameras recently.Really only Nikon bodies, but I added the Canon 6D into the mix as its high ISO performance is hard to beat.

KirsChris-34 kira180mm

I had tried one for a day or so last year, so I’ve uploaded the images to my Mac to try and compare.And…….really I can’t .

KirsChris-42 max

The first thing to note is that out of 49 images, maybe 4 are in focus. This wasn’t really noticeable on a 15″ laptop, but it sure is on a 27″ iMac!

KirsChris-40 kira180mm

This does point to some camera/lens issue rather than the performance of Canon 6D’s in general, and I can see from the well focussed images (Erin & Ty) that the IQ certainly isn’t shabby.


Transferring images the way I have leaves no exif data but I think the lens was the Canon 85mm F1.8, whilst on the D800 I had the Sigma 85mm F1.4 so no fair really.


I still think the Nikon D750 & D8 series outperform and out spec this camera, but the D6xx Im not so convinced of. In short, you pick your poison according to taste. 





October is the new January!


Its the new fashionable thing to do – give up most everything fun in October…..


….And then again in January, after living it up at Xmas.


Well it could be a lot worse.



I haven’t smoked in some years and drink hasn’t been my friend for quite a while, so that leaves only sensible eating and exercise as forms of torture for this month.



Piece of cake. (Yes please).


The good thing about October is that the weather is beautiful so there are lots of ways to entertain those healthy ideas, being outdoors keeps cake consumption to a minimum, the kids happy and the dogs walked.





Plus, all the school mums have become keen on Zumba, Sam has introduced me to the PT Inferno, and my treadmill is in frequent use it seems.


So, its all good really……….


Let’s see if I’m singing the same tune after the looming torturous half term holiday.


………….Roll on November.