Tammy, I Think I Love You


I can see it now, my next door neighbour, Tammie, burning rubber all the way back up north based on the above title! DSC03345 (2) (333x640)

DSC03296 (2)

But, (no offense Tam) this new love in my life is the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 zoom lens for my Sony A57.

DSC03317 (2)

I’ve wanted a constant aperture zoom for a while. The A57 kit lens is fine in terms of sharpness but very limited in terms of creative control. Primes, which I love, are great for portrait, but today we went to  Aldeburgh, on the east coast. The weather was fabulous and it was the perfect opportunity to try out the new zoom.

DSC03264 (2)

DSC03267 (2)

DSC03262 (2)

I actually took very few portraits. I know nothing about landscape or street photography, but the amazing colour rendition, sharpness ans contrast of this lens had me snapping all sorts of things I personally wouldn’t normally take photos of. I am so impressed that NOT ONE of these pix has been processed in any way. We got home an hour ago, had a quick dinner, and i’m here, putting this post together. I really am that happy with it……and the weather….and the seaside….. of course. 🙂

DSC03347 (2)


A votre demande…

A little ‘Twilight’

DSC02945 (2) (425x640)

A little sunkissed

DSC02902 (2)-Edit (425x640)

and a little….80’s?……90’s?

DSC02880 (2)-Edit (407x640)

The Sun Shines In Deadville

DSC02563 (2)

Ok, we don’t live in Deadville, but our village is aptly named relative to the grave, and thus we nickname it so!

DSC02318 (2)   DSC02401 (2)

The sun has finally blessed us with its appearance and we have enjoyed it.

DSC02396 (2)    DSC02329 (2)

The kids played in the garden for the first time this year, we went to the zoo over the weekend and today to the seaside (muggins here forgot the memory card though, oops)

DSC02486 (2)  DSC02361 (2) DSC02380 (2)

A few snaps, nothing creative, straigt out of camera JPEGs that a P & S could’ve handled, but gotta pay homage to the weather 🙂

DSC02347 (2)

Fuji Woo Me


I have a Sony NEX 7 and A57, both fantastic, but there is a new(er) kid in town and I had an itch I was determined to scratch….called Fuji. 😉

Enter the XE-1. Gorgeous, retro styling, real manual controls, lovely clean images at high ISO’s and to top it off a fab 35mm f1.4 lens (the kit zoom is pretty nifty too).

DSCF4016 (2)-Edit
It lasted almost a week. Yes, the images were great, clean, colourful. Skin tones are rendered immaculately,but….the Fuji achilles heel, AF. It is, quite frankly, crap. The 35mm whirs away trying to lock on whether day or night, it  didn’t seem to make a difference. Im sure i would’ve grown accustomed to it, but the kids would probably have grown up and moved out by then!

So after loving the images and trying hard to overcome this shortcoming I decided that the NEX 7 i already have is a better fit for my needs. The AF on that ain’t great, but it’s a damn sight better!

The trouble is, its hard to forget something that produces such nice quiality and before long I was looking at the X100. Reduced to bargain basement prices I figured it was just a ‘compact’, not a system, so didnt require any seroius investment.
I eaglerly awaited delivery and was all agoo at its gorgeousness; snazzy in black with the leather case, lens hood and filters.

The party ended right there (sigh).

Within 5 minutes I could tell it was probably worse (for my uses) than the XE1. The X100 has to be switched to macro if you attempt focus within about 2 feet, and switched out again should your subject, or you move. Even then it only locks on about 50% of the time. Weirdly, it focussed very well in low light on inanimate subjects, which is where you imagine it would struggle.

DSCF4049 (2)-Edit      DSCF4012 (2)
For me it’s a use it or lose it situation. Within 24hrs I had it listed on The Bay and, as we speak, its winging its way to a new (and hopefully happy) owner.


Who’s That Girl….?


I have five children, and three dogs. All of which I photograph routinely. Mostly, trying to photograph the little children, aged 4, 3 & 2 is a matter of stealth; they rarely pose unless bribed, or remain still, unless transfixed by the TV.

The oldest of the 5, Erin, is 16, not keen on being photographed and pulls the strangest faces if I try, akin to rabbit caught in the headlights. The camera isn’t particularly fond of Erin!

Casey, 12, on the other hand, is mostly willing. She doesn’t mind if I start snapping away mid conversation, mid anything in fact. She takes direction well and the camera seems to love her. In the flesh she is a perfectly lovely, ordinary tweenager. On camera she seems to become something else.


The difficulty with a small number of subjects to shoot, especially human, in less than diverse settings, is variety, mixing it up so to speak, which is where editing comes in.


I have Snapseed on my tablet, which is fantastic and I currently use this most of the time (having mislaid my laptop charger temporarily).


I have just installed Lightroom 4 and PS4 on my laptop and purchased the Nik Collection plug ins, which can be used in both programs. I haven’t used them much, but I plan to work my way around them shortly.
I like editing, it’s fun. You can do anything you like that the camera cannot do, and you can change one picture into a hundred different images, if you desire.


Others are more purist; like an image to be technically perfect and not faked in any way.
But for me, with one willing and constant model, I’ll edit the variety in….


Virtually Yours


To You, whom it concerns,

Just a quick note. To say thank you mainly, for your support, advice, positivity and praise. Without which I would possibly have given up by now…..photography that is, not living….this is not a suicide note :0

Its been what? Six months? In that time we have become friends, we’ve laughed, bitched (of course), encouraged each other’s G.A.S  (not the antisocial kind)and shared; mostly photographs. Your Kid, my Kidz, our dogs, husbands, you know the thing.

untitledI remember looking at your photos and thinking s**t, I want to create photos just like these. I wanted to show the personalities of my children this way. The quiet intensity, muted vibrancy, balance and sweetness that shines through.  (Ok, my kids would NOT be described that way, but I say it like I see it!)

photo 1 (1)      photo 1

My husband looked at your photos and stated how good they are…which he never said about mine, at least not then.

photo 3

So I tried….failed…..tried again (still failed), but in the interim discovered that I actually had a style I had made my own. Different from yours, but largely honed by what I’ve learnt from you.

photo 2Learnt through your words, your pictures, your advice and feedback.

photo 2 (1)

I am grateful.

(Seriously….is it STILL not Thursday yet?!)

Virtually Yours

T x