Back once again to a ‘small’ sensor format.


Now there is method to my madness here. The Panny GH3 i just picked up was a complete bargain – practically half the normal retail cost. And, by rebate a 25mm F1.4 lens and battery grip can be claimed. It’s an exceptional lens and should I decide not to keep the bundle I can sell on for an attractive profit.


 The ups and downs of micro four thirds has been discussed many times, some love this format, others are not so keen. I sit on the fence. I appreciate its good and bad points, and in reality it would work very well for me, given that i don’t really print and images are always reduced for uploading to the web.


All images were taken with the Olympus 75mm F1.8 lens. A sparkler. It gives lovely subject isolation, contrast, and fantastic sharpness.  (the crop below of Kira’s eye shows me quite clearly, and almost all of the room behind me) It also costs a fair bit for what in 35mm terms would be a not-so-fast lens.



The GH3 is a similar size to the Sony A58, but outperforms it in most areas – except possibly dynamic range. But (and its a big but) the A58 is the entry level model SLT, costs almost nothing, and a fast prime can be had for less than £100. The GH3 was the top of the range model from Panny, only recently replaced by the GH4.

P1000138 ty

So in m43 world there is no way up from here.




3 comments on “Concessions

  1. marla2008 says:

    Nice but… not on par with what you squeeze out of other cameras. Ditch it 😉

    • Jamestux says:

      I don’t agree 🙂 The black and whites are great!

      I think that the processing on the colour ones might take a while to work out your style, but that’s something that you can adjust with time 🙂

      • Thank you! It’s amazing how different a camera’s output cn be, and yes, the colour shots certainly need one refinement, although I find the Joel’s appear a little more ‘finished’ than from other cams despite Panny jpegs being not so well regarded. 🙂 ‘

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