NOT Elena Shumilova


CYMERA_20140103_115927 (450x800)

Here is the link to what I consider to be astounding portraits:

(Thanks Mrs Miller)

KIRAB (1024x681)

Now……what would I need to start off with? A Canon 5D Mii and 135mm (L branded?) lens. There goes £1800. Luckily, i’m not a Canon shooter, i’m a Fuji/Sony fanboi – and, even luckier, Fuji don’t list an equivalent lens and the Sony variant 135mm F1.8Z is (of course) £1,200 all by its lonesome.


Right, scrap that then.

DSCF6027 (1024x806)

I do have  dogs and two little boys but that Russian farm with scenic views is a little different to that which surround Deadville.

DSC01965 (2) (800x533)

Sod it.   I will do like Casey and make good with a smartphone.

caseytrampoline (672x672)

Can you tell which are which?

caseygif2 (2) (478x800)



4 comments on “NOT Elena Shumilova

  1. marla2008 says:

    Wrinkled nose Casey is art gallery good. Don’t tell me that’s smartphone or I give up photography on the spot (oh dang, I think I just did) !

  2. Haha. Yup, Samsung galaxy Note 2 smartphone. Even worse, its a selfie she took whilst launching herself in the air on the trampoline. She does better with a smartphone than I could with a D800! oh, btw……the two I took of casey were with the Sigma (b&w and goldy colours). 🙂

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