You gotta kiss a lot of frogs

DSC00199-Edit-Edit (800x533)

As they say. And sometimes it seems like frog overload.

As is the case of the backup/second body to the Fuji XPro 1. It’s awesome, not much can touch it in my eyes, but it certainly has its foibles.

DSC00441 (2)

AF  that is perfectly acceptable in a general sense, but too slow for fast moving kids or sports, and, the bug bear of most mirrorless cameras, lens cost. The 55-200mm in Fuji land is about £500, in Sony A mount I just bought similar (in FL, not optically) for £60.

DSC00208 (2) (800x526)

So I traded a Sony A77 for the budget model A58. It does sport fast AF and cheap lenses are widely available, but it is a frog. Of the worst kind. Has everything I need, looks the part, is ergonomically good, but its just not delivering…

DSCF0725 (2)

…….in comparison to the XPro that is.

DSCF0688 (2)-Edit-2 (533x800)

Still, I cant let it go. it does what I need it too, but it has sparked conversation in the last couple of days between me and a photog friend, who really does want a second body with the same options as me, but is loath to buy a big ole’ DSLR due to the OVF and lack of live exposure preview (and breath).

DSC00231 (2) (1024x702) (800x548)

The options are frog like. An SLT like the A58 with flawed IQ due to the fixed mirror, or m43 with the compromised sensor size, and seriously pricey lenses – fast standard f2.8 zoom += £1,000! (and its not a true f2.8 in terms of DOF, although it still gathers the same amount of light in terms of low light shooting).

DSC00043 (2)-Edit (444x800)

What’s a girl to do?

DSCF0045 (2)-Edit-2 (533x800)

P.S I did sneak a couple of Fuji shots in.



2 comments on “You gotta kiss a lot of frogs

  1. marla2008 says:

    I still think you should hunt a bargain on the Fuji tele, and not put up with any cruder IQ that needs to be. The cheap A58 isn’t all that cheap once you’ve turned it into a system. The premium to get the awesome Fuji zoom is probably well worth it, with the bonus of staying with one mount and one user interface ?…

  2. I absolutely agree. But as we discussed, the A58 is a throwaway DSLT that I can pass off to Casey should Fuji address the AF need for me in the near future. The IQ is crude for sure, but for the two uses I have for it, the price to performance ratio makes it a viable purchase. 🙂

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