Into The Light

_DSC7403 lights

So, I’ve adopted the black foamie thing as my on camera flash modifier of choice, all good stuff. Works great.


But, with more calls for portrait sessions I kinda had to open my eyes to off camera flash.

_DSC7412 lights-3

There is a huge difference between taking photos of your own kids whilst they get about the business of growing up, but when folk starting paying for pictures of their kids it’s time to up the ante.


I figured I would start at the beginning, although I love the idea of Bowens/Elinchrom moonlights and modifiers, I can’t yet justify the cost. So I bought a basic light stand, wireless triggers and a black/white umbrella to go with my el cheap Yongnuo flash.

_DSC7392 lights

It is, at this stage, really trial and error. Despite reading loads on Neil Van Niekerk’s site and watching almost all of Mark Wallace’s Webinar’s, it still ain”t easy.


Practise, practise practise.Luckily I have enough kids that I can usually rope one of them in for 5 minutes at a time. DSC_0205