Variations On A Theme


Flash photography. I know the basics. I have an external flash unit and NEVER use on camera or direct flash. 


I like flash images to look naturally exposed, but even with ‘bounced’ flash it can lead to hard light hitting the subject, as shown in the first three images from this series (highlighted by the applied vignette).


Ive been reading quite a bit on Neil Van Niekerk’s site recently as he is a Flash Jedi Master, and although he states that he has transitioned to ambient light photography recently, given the amazing low light capabilities of current cameras, he was once a profound advocate of flash photography. 


So far I’ve taken the simple advice of bouncing flash upwards, off of the ceiling, which are most often white. But I read recently that angling the flash slightly behind gives for a softer look. I think he is right, as shown in the final three images here. The image above, of my nephew, was quite evenly exposed given the angle of the flash and ambient light coming from the window. 


Ive ordered the necessary components of the ‘black foamie thing’ and will report back when I’ve trialled it myself. _DSC6507

I’m sure it will work a treat.