All A Matter Of Application

Someone very dear to me said this to me when I a child, and I have since said it regularly to my own children.


A recent shoot didn’t pan out the way I had hoped. Not to say it wasn’t successful, but I was disappointed in a few areas, and it made me question my skill as a photographer.


With time to reflect, I can actually see the positives in my disappointment, and I know now which areas to apply myself to in practise.


Its easy to obsess about gear, easy to see, and dream, great ideas, but putting them into practise is often much harder, and time consuming that imagined.


Like this simple shot – I had a request from a client to adapt my lighting; make it more dynamic – for a competition. Easy as pie, haha, it took me an hour using one strobe to get it to where I was half happy!


The other thing I have happened upon recently is an appreciation for how good my ‘professional’ gear is. Yes it is heavy, cumbersome at times, and thee is no live view or useful video. But, it does it’s job, and does so very, very well.


If I were a better photographer it would do it’s job brilliantly 😀


Since that shoot, I have mostly used my little Olympus  OMD EM10 and little m43 lenses. I wanted to pare it back, just enjoy the family photography that got me to here in the first place. WYSIWYG, Jpeg, minimal processing.


This particular application  requires little in the way of application, and puts the phun back in photography.