The Orphan Files

I took delivery of the Sony A7ii today, with 24-70.. kit lens (I think its 24-70 anyway…) Lacking any other AF lenses it was a choice of kit lens or the Minolta 50mm F1.8 – by way of dumb adapter.


Trying to compare it to the Oly OMD EM10 is difficult when shooting in JPEG, as they both do a pretty similar job with noise reduction and sharpening.


I shall switch to RAW format tomorrow, where I imagine the differences will become glaringly obvious.


We shall see 😀


4 comments on “The Orphan Files

  1. marla2008 says:

    Sony-Oly-Sony ? Just a guess

  2. marla2008 says:

    Or is it Oly-Oly-Sony ?

  3. The difference is that the two shots of the boys were both shot at ISO 4000 – whereas the Kira shot was at ISO 800. Add a mix of processing and they could easily be mistaken for Oly shots.

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