Swings And Roundabouts


The XE2 has grown on me (considerably it seems). 


I’ve been using it a lot more in the last couple of days, mostly around the house, but a couple of things really jump out – the things I knew I liked anyway.


WYSIWYG (live view)  – the thing i miss most since jumping to Nikon DSLR. 


And secondly the size. Its tiny with the 35mm F1.4 attached. it fits in a little teeny bit of one of my Tenba bags, and in a fairly little handbag all by its lonesome.


I recently bought one of those ridiculous looking Black Rapid Yeti straps. I think it will be really worthwhile at the next wedding with a D800/24-70mm on one side and D800/70-200mm on the other. I’ll be sure to let you know!


Anyway, i might (look like a dork) and give it a spin in the next couple of days with a D800/70-200mm and Fuji XE2/35mm…the seaside beckons. 


Where was i? Oh yes, the Fuji XE2. Last night, child of mine, and myself decided to spend ten minutes fooling around taking pictures…..of her. It was great fun, all shot in Jpeg, using various ‘simulations’. As you can see from the images here, it turned out pretty well. 


I LOVE that i can see exactly what i’m shooting, all of the exposure settings including white balance. I would love to use it in my  little studio for a proper shoot, but alas it does not accept my Yongnuo triggers, all being Nikon specific. Apparently Fuji cameras work with the Canon specific ones. Bummer.


Anyhoo, time to hit the books. 




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