Small Packages

Don’t necessarily contain the best things.


On many levels my D800s’ would be hard to beat, and as yet I don’t think there is an MILC system that can beat it.


Yes, The Sony A7R matches it for resolution, and yes the A7s tops it in low light performance, and  M43 certainly has a great selection of lenses, but they all fall short in one area or another.


Now, onto Fuji. Lovely analogue looks in the XE2, optically revered lenses, so whats missing (apart from a flash system)?


Well, quite simply its not the XPro 1 is it?


I loved that camera, and with the 35mm F1.4 it was really impressive. The focus may not be a DSLR beater, but it was accurate (try that Nikon!). Files rendered beautifully at any ISO, whether Jpeg or RAW, and the low light performance was mind boggling.


The XE2 doesn’t do the same thing. I find the focus off quite frequently, and whilst the metering and DR are excellent the strange things that happen at ISO 800 and above are, well, strange.

chanel -1

I really did want a small camera that fits in a small bag and can go everywhere. And without going backward and buying an XPro or a NEX 7 – when the more current iterations of these cameras seem to have gone backward – I don’t think what I want is available to me right now.


As they say on Dragon’s Den ‘I’m Out’.




3 comments on “Small Packages

  1. Laurent says:

    Great pictures! I am getting confused with the camera you currently own (or used to own). I think I need a timeline of your cameras for the last 3 years!

    • Tracy says:

      Thank You Laurent. I own two D800’s and a few lenses. I want a small ‘handbag’ camera, and have tested (loved and hated) many different brands and models. But, in reality the Nikon’s do everything I could ever require, and a small nifty would probably suffice, though never be handbag friendly 😉

  2. marla2008 says:

    Shooting a lowly NEX 5R this week and super impressed with that little guy. Bragging rights ? none, but fun -and deadly competent- sure.

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