Simply Does It


Lately, considering a small MILC body for personal use I’ve been drawn back toward Fuji. Well, it was only ever between Fuji & Sony really. One of the things that Fuji does/did really well is monochrome.


Its a hard to emulate in post what I see Fuji do in camera with jpeg rendering. That old film thing that makes images appealing in a wistful, lonely kinda way.

beach huts-1

I often thing a bad image can be made half decent with processing, in colour. But black and white will show you up. It either works or it doesn’t.


Yet, those new to photography quite often favour monochrome. Not because they are brilliant, but because they are initially more powerful.


Over time that changes. I process in black and white much less often than I used to, but looking back at old Fuji files made me hanker for that simplicity.


When I find it I’ll let you know 😉 


2 comments on “Simply Does It

  1. marla2008 says:

    Amusingly enough I played with the 5R tonight, and find I’m still a Sony girl all the way 😉

  2. Tracy says:

    Between the pair they get everything right, but Sony with its lack of lenses and Fuji with its ‘new’ high ISO smearing, where left to turn??!

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