In photolithography, off-axis illumination is an optical system setup in which the incoming light strikes the photomask at an oblique angle rather than perpendicularly to it, that is to say, the incident light is not parallel to the axis of the optical system.


Ok then, now we’ve got that cleared up we can move along!


Things are a changing. Somehow over the last few months my photography has gone off axis, and thats no bad thing. On axis is good, safe, even and……dull?


Its a huge learning curve, and the safety net of photographing my kids, in my little world has been removed. But, progress is progress, and I see no other way to get there other than repetition and continued effort.


There are expectations now, demands even, and as much as I like to rise to the challenge I like to be adequately prepared.


Once you enter into the realm of the (quasi) professional you have to go where it takes you. What the client wants, the clients expects to be delivered.


So I practise a lot, read even more (and spend even more than that!) because, asI said to Mr. H,’I want to be good at this, and then I want to be really good at this’. max-1-12

It’s that simple really.




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