Some things just wing their way back to you, others more than once!


My newly acquired Nikon D800 arrived just a couple of days ago, and I think its fair to say I am still as impressed as I was (exactly) a year ago, when I had my first copy of this beast. 

_DSC6355 jo

I haven’t done much shooting, as I was waiting on the necessary screen protector, as mine shipped without. 


Its amazing how different the button layout and controls are to my little D7000, it will take a little while to get everything in order and to work out how I want it to perform. 


One thing I have hit upon with the 36 mpx is that although it still performs waaaay better than the D7k, i’m not sure some of my lenses are making the most of what this sensor can do, as I can see a noticeable difference in IQ between the D lenses and my Tamron 24-70mm, which admittedly, is astonishing. 


I’m not prepared to lose my beautiful 180mm, and the 50mm is cheap and small enough to not warrant changing, but I may swap out the 85mm F1.8D for either a G model or a Sigma 85mm F1.4. The sigma is prone to serious sample variation and Nikon bodies don’t always accept third party lenses with grace. 

_DSC6410 jo

I shall ponder that one a little longer. For now I’m content to just love this little piece of amazing, ear splitting  mirror slap and all.




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