The Final Stretch


I hate to say it, but I will not be upset when our Zoo season tickets expires at the end of this year.


We have had them for your consecutive years, and utilised them well.


Fair to say, you get a lot for your pennies. Free entrance to Banham, Africa Alive and half price entrance to Dinosaur Adventure.


For a family like us, with 5 kids, you’re looking at close to a hundred quid for a day out at just one of these. Not that the older two would be that eager to join us.


Today, it was just me, Mr H and the littlest one. Half  Term for the boys hasn’t started yet.


It was very quiet, the weather was clear and Kira loves it, especially the Giraffes…..go figure.


So a trip or two more maybe. Who can say? 


It’s been well worth it, but the kids are growing up fast and it’s time to move on. 


School beckons for little Miss H……

TLK_3198 kiraclarity--2



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