The Monochrome Dilemma



I read a thread recently suggesting that many people are drawn more to monochrome images than colour ( I can’t actually find the article to reference it!).

TLK_3169-Edit-2 caseycrimp

I agree in part that photographers often get more ‘wow’ from their mono images when they first start out, and its quite safe to convert each image or even just shoot in this picture style consistently.

TLK_3023 caseycrimp

But to take away colour takes so much away from an image and I often try to use  black and white conversions more sparingly, if I feel the image will convey its message more honestly this way.


I also find it difficult to process mono images to my liking. I hate ‘muddy’ (grey) skin tones, but don’t love really high contrast so much anymore either….. it’s hard to escape both.

TLK_3175-Edit-Edit caseycrimp

I’m not disparaging black and white photography at all, Im just convinced its ‘better’ or more powerful to the viewer than colour.




One comment on “The Monochrome Dilemma

  1. marla2008 says:

    Both have their place and I think you excel in each style !!

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