The Dark Side


Ive been trying to compare full frame cameras recently.Really only Nikon bodies, but I added the Canon 6D into the mix as its high ISO performance is hard to beat.

KirsChris-34 kira180mm

I had tried one for a day or so last year, so I’ve uploaded the images to my Mac to try and compare.And…….really I can’t .

KirsChris-42 max

The first thing to note is that out of 49 images, maybe 4 are in focus. This wasn’t really noticeable on a 15″ laptop, but it sure is on a 27″ iMac!

KirsChris-40 kira180mm

This does point to some camera/lens issue rather than the performance of Canon 6D’s in general, and I can see from the well focussed images (Erin & Ty) that the IQ certainly isn’t shabby.


Transferring images the way I have leaves no exif data but I think the lens was the Canon 85mm F1.8, whilst on the D800 I had the Sigma 85mm F1.4 so no fair really.


I still think the Nikon D750 & D8 series outperform and out spec this camera, but the D6xx Im not so convinced of. In short, you pick your poison according to taste. 




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