Easy Like Sunday Morning

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Spot of Ruggers anyone?




At this time of the year it’s pretty nice. Bright and Sunny, cool and dry.


Give me two months I will be seeking cover in my camera bag!


The kids love it, there is so much going on, they play and run around….and call it tag rugby.



On the pitch just next door the bigger kids are playing a little faster, a little harder, and playing to win. 


I don’t know who they were up against but it makes for more inspired viewing, and gave me a chance to practise a little more dynamic shooting!


At Coach’s signal training is over for another week.The littleys are off to a party this afternoon, so home for a bath and quick bite to eat.


Still, I couldn’t resist a simple portrait, especially as he is such a gorgeous little fella.



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4 comments on “Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. marla2008 says:

    Is it National Vignette Week ? 😉 😉 Great grabs !

  2. Laurent says:

    Always great to see pictures of my former sport!!!! Really cool shots!!

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