Kit Lens Snobbery


I admit that I am/have been a bit of a kit lens snob.

TLK_2345 Tamron 24-70mm

Always searching for fast lenses, better bokeh, and of course, paying the price.


Tonight I thought I would try out the Nikon 55-200mm DX (probably F4.5-5.6 or similar), which cost me a whole £22.

TLK_2337 Tamron 24-70mm

I am surprised at the output. Obviously its at the long end, but there is some subject isolation and sharpness with slower lenses is rarely a concern.


So I dug out a couple of others, namely Sony and Panasonic, and even one from the now ancient NEX 5n, at ISO 6400 F8.0, indoors without flash! (above)


But across the board they offer consistent, and somewhat impressive performance.


The Sony above appears to pip the Nikon, but the below shot was at ISO 10,000 with the 18-105mm at F4.5 so I’m not knocking it.





3 comments on “Kit Lens Snobbery

  1. marla2008 says:

    Is the first Kira shot from the 180/2.8 ??

  2. Hi, No Claire, the first Kira shot is from the Panasonic GH3 and 45-150mm lens. Not quite a kit lens, but it was free with the camera.

  3. Laurent says:

    Those high ISO’s……pretty impressive. Never felt like my camera was outdated before your post!!!! (I don’t think I ever got anything good above 1600 ISO!)

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