Choices, Choices & More Choices!



So I kinda decided that the Nikon 180mm F2.8 is a keeper.


That is until I start researching the Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 and Tammy 70-200mm F2.8……….and then  wonder might I be better served with the 135mm F2 DC?




I know……I’ll buy them all!

DSC_1798 Tamron 24-70mm

Ha, fat chance.


So yes, I will keep it. It’s so small and light, optically very good and great for outdoor stuff (perfect indoors too, with space and light….or flash).

DSC_1855 Tamron 24-70mm

But, I probably will add the Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 Di VC USD as and when it becomes necessary. It will compliment my Tammy 24-70mm perfectly.


Are we bored yet?


No? well we can always run through the D610 vs D810 vs D750 debate that’s raging right now.


But that is a whole ‘mother post right there.


…..and then some!





4 comments on “Choices, Choices & More Choices!

  1. marla2008 says:

    Love the Max portrait, beautiful ! Keep the darn lens, it’s good 😉

  2. Laurent says:

    Is that your camera bag in the 10th picture? That would be worth a blog post!

    That lens looks really good. I need one of those….

    I have a quick question about vignetting…..the vignetting on the picture #1 (which I particularly like) looks really good, darker on the corners, exactly the way I like…..but the vignetting on the pic #3 looks…not sure how to say it….square. Looks a bit unnatural to me (but love the bokeh!), and unfortunately, this is the way the software I am using is often doing it. Any thought about it? Did you use a different vignetting process (or software) for those 2 pictures?

  3. Haha, yes, that is my little camera bag, from Amazon a couple of years ago for about £25! I do have a ‘proper’ camera bag, Tenba, much bigger, but used more for storage right now. 🙂

    think you’re right Laurent, the vignette in that picture does look too square. it isn’t helped by the background being fairly light, but the sky dark, adding to the vignetter effect in an odd way. The first image I just added a small amount f vignette, the latter image was a preset I have downloaded to LR from the web.

    I was looking at your Flickr page, and you have some outstanding images there, way better than anything I might produce.

  4. Laurent says:

    Since I have only one lens…..a little camera bag would make the job…mine is currently so old it has some holes in it!

    Thanks for the compliment…..

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