Blind Romance


We were guests at the wedding of Stephanie & Neal yesterday, back in The ‘Wood. It was a gorgeous morning, whose weather turned down a little as the afternoon approached, but this really didn’t impact the beauty of the day.


TLK_2002 Duds&Sookie

I say ‘blind romance’ as I wasn’t able to photograph much of it, and truthfully took maybe 20 pix in all.


Brentwood Cathedral ask that cameras and all other gizmo’s be switched off, inclusive of the processional and recessional, so nothing doing there.


It’s a beautiful (vast) building, yet was an intimate and moving ceremony. I really enjoyed attending a catholic service for the first time in a few years.

TLK_2024 Duds&Sookie

The reception was held separately, so whilst the photographer was organising the portrait session we all swanned off to buy a round, and anticipate the arrival of the bride and groom.

TLK_2036 Duds&Sookie

During the wedding breakfast it was again difficult to take pictures really; being a guest you can’t really hop about the venue snapping away in peoples faces…


………especially when there is paid Pro covering the event


I was seated in a direct line from the bride and groom, but alas the lovely table arrangements rose above the table and obscured my vision.


The company was fantastic, the food was lovely and the drink flowed aplenty (mostly in Chris’s direction)





The evening ‘do’ was great fun, entertainment provided by a live singer who was absolutely brilliant, and everyone enjoyed.The lads are always good for a laugh, and  provided loads of laugh with their London Taxi photo booth and props!






Regardless of not being able to thoroughly test my new lenses we had a fantastic time, and the party went on into the early hours of the morning. Luckily we had a room booked at the venue so didn’t have to stagger far.


Congratulations to Stephanie & Neal

4th October 2014 


4 comments on “Blind Romance

  1. marla2008 says:

    Way to go miss, those are leaps and bounds ahead of your first attempt, much more personal, and full of life. And this bride, ouch, what a beauty…

  2. Laurent says:

    All great and interesting and personal pictures!!!!! You managed to capture a few moments very well!

    And that cake…..seems fantastic!

  3. Hey Laurent, long time no hear👶! I do hope you’re keeping well? Thanks for your comments, it really was a smashing day. I just couldn’t photograph much, for fear of getting in the way or just p!ssing people off, so I took snaps where I could and enjoyed the event 🙂

  4. Laurent says:

    Doing well, but not taking many pictures lately. Which is a shame because the fall colors here are truely spectacular.

    I think the most unique picture you took is the one of the little boy (the third one). Great capture!

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