Same Ol’ Same Ol’





It’s not uncommon to have lives that are variations on a theme, or, as a friend of mine says ‘ same sh!t, different day’.


But within the things that stay the same – school runs, house work, shopping, get togethers etc , it is a little different every time.


Today was one of those days where I noticed it (which means I had five mins to myself ).


Erin and I mooched around the shops, spot of lunch, and did a few things at home. It was very pleasant….. and peaceful.


Before nipping to collect the littley’s from school/nursery I took the dogs for nice a walk, and the camera came too.


I am still testing the 180mm F2.8, it’s all good fun. 


The acid test will be tomorrow’s wedding, where I will only take the 180mm and the Tammy 24-70mm F2.8


After seeing a post on The Forum from a member who has travelled extensively, shooting environmental portraits with a 14-24m I am beginning to want to venture away from the headshot style I am so fond of.



I know I am light years away from anything of this calibre, and I’m amazed by it nonetheless.


 The search for gear has pretty much run it’s course, now is the time to find different scenes, and diverse ways to shoot them.


To learn which lens/which settings are most useable in any given situation I might come across.


A whole different ball of fun.

DSC_1926-Edit I welcome the challenge.  





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