Pixel Peeping

DSCF2016-Edit boys

Its so easy to be a victim of this – and to then find everything lacking.


At normal viewing sizes (or web viewing) everything looks great,


but then you zoom to 100% and SHOCK! you notice that focus isn’t exactly spot on.


Damn, didn’t you know that lens was a dud?  – send it back!

DSCF2049 boys

I jest not, I fall victim to this myself.

DSCF4161-Edit boys

I pay for a lens (normally not cheap) and I want it to work perfectly.I don’t want to mess around with AF fine tune and all that malarkey.


But, in all seriousness, unless the problem is actually noticeable un-zoomed, much as it peeves me, I am less than likely to do anything about it.


Now when it comes to camera bodies (yes Nikon, I am specifically talking about you) that’s a while ‘nother story.

DSC06039 85d7k


(P.S Which may get more than a passing mention depending when mine is finally returned to me)



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