Builder’s Hands

DSC_1196 85mmLV-2

Despite having thoroughly researched all the necessary equipment for ‘Pro’ work there still seems to be a myriad of options, within each option, and budget.


Bearing in mind that every photographer is different – some have vast kits comprising many different lenses to cover a vast array of scenarios.


Others are very specific in the look they like to achieve and the lenses they require for their work.

DSC_1446 Kyla

MOST recommend a fairly basic setup of two camera bodies, a fast standard zoom (24-70mm F2.8), a telephoto zoom (70-200mm f2.80 and an even faster prime (85mm F1.4ish).

DSC_1216 85mmLV

On this basis I have acquired a D7k as a back up body with a 50mm F1.8 and Sigma 50-150mm F2.8, bearing equivalence to FF in mind, and, an 85mm F1.8G and 24-70mm F2.8 for either a D750 or D810, I cant decide which, though i might swap the primes around.


Amidst this little building project i have to send my brand new D7k to Nikon for repair/Service as it seems plagued by the well reported back focus issue. (see below).

DSC_1234 85mmLV

Whilst that is in the shop I will let heal the callouses on my hands, from the ridiculously difficult job of spending.





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