Baby Bazooka


I thought I would have to wait longer for this ‘little’ lens to arrive in the post. But today it appeared, as if by magic!


The parcel was really small, to the point that I thought it was actually something completely different, as the full frame alternative – Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 – is significantly bigger and heavier. I thought there would be less to distinguish them.


For those potentially upgrading to FF it really is a bit of foolish purchase, unless weight is REAL issue, as it is specifically made for DX format bodies, like the D7000.


On crop sensor bodies it supposedly performs better than its FF counterpart, but i’m sure that would be splitting hairs in real use.


Still, right now I have a crop sensor body and the Sigma 50-150mm F 2.8 is half the price of its bigger brother, The Bazooka, and that suits my pocket right now. 


How’d it do? Pretty good. I’m not blown away (as in the Sigma 100-300mm F4) but there is nothing to dislike at all. The focussing speed and acquisition, (and this is the non IS version i’m speaking of) , contrast, colour and sharpness are all subject to the same user flaws as any other lens.


So… I happy? Yup. My crop sensor set up is growing, and whilst I really should refrain from DX lenses as a majority, this one is a perfect example of all that right with the smaller sensor format.


Size/Weight, affordability and NEED. Yes folks, need, not desire. You read it here first. Lol. 





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