‘Tis a bit.

DSC05811 First Day Back 2

I know, I’ve gone a bit nuts the last couple of days.


Not taking photos per se, mostly just looking through images from different cameras/lenses/ exppsure settings etc.


Only to discover that there very few cameras or lenses that didnt produce perfectly good images.


My kids laugh, they show me a picture and I can usually tell them what cmaera it came from.


They do have a photographic signature, and the recent revelation that occured recently had much less to do with camera performance than it did with how appealing its visible signature is to me.

P1010731-Edit-Edit shadows

I love Sony,Fuji and Nikon . Shame I cant afford them all. Oh, and a GX7 and PL25, just for my handbag.




2 comments on “Superfluous

  1. marla2008 says:

    Two remarks : the black and white shot of Casey is a work of pure art. And Erin’s neck would have made Ingres go ballistic. She has the most “19th century painting” attractive neck. I wish you would shoot her more, and she would give even a hint of a smile, even just with the eyes…

  2. Thank you, you’re most kind! The casey shot is the THING, you know, that we strive for, and catch rarely. Bless Erin, she’s quite a happy young lady, but has that Victorian look, and approach 🙂

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