The Wood For The Trees



I made a statement at the end of a previous post, and having just replied to a thread on the forum regarding Fuji output at high ISO, it gave me the chance to look through my Fuji X files.


At this point the statement ‘Oh, I have to say, damn those Fuji and Nikon files for sheer IQ!!!’ from this post   has put the whole situation to bed really.


Given this revelation, ideally a Fuji XT1 or even XE2 (though I don’t love the piddly VF on that model) with a 35mm and 56mm AND maybe a D610 with 28-75 (cheaper than 24-70) and 70-200mm  (should the need for Nikon’s arise later) would be a very complete setup.


Obviously that costs an organ or three but my rationale is that I need a camera/system to meet current demand for shoots, but i also want something kinda smaller and more discrete than a big ole FF camera with bazooka attached.

DSCF2029 fujijpeg2

M43 is a very complete setup but lacks in only one area that might be important for me, low light IQ. The Fuji stacks up here, and has some lovely lenses to boot. 


Of course, not without foibles, no flash system to speak of, that jpeg ‘issue’ that everyone knows about and still relatively poor tracking performance. Oh…..and NO AF On, though workarounds are available. 


Any ways, I will ponder.  But these images, all Fuji X, do whisper the truth, like wind through said trees. 




2 comments on “The Wood For The Trees

  1. james says:

    Lovely images, with a great feel, sounds like you’re making a decision 🙂

  2. Thank You James. I think its a viable decision for me, the low light thing actually bugs me enough despite really enjoying M43. I know that Pro work is brilliantly achieved using this format, from your own work especially, and a couple of others I’ve seen. But as they say, ‘the right tool in the right hands’ Your hands are more correct than mine, haha. 🙂

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