Ticking Boxes


Having discussed to death the merits and flaws of various formats, brands, bodies, lenses etc the one thing I have not really delved into in any sensible way is editing. So far I edit as I please – in Lightroom – and use plug ins such as The Nik Collection and presets from the Net.


But, now I would like to be able to set up generic presets that I can use to batch process. Right now a single colour user preset and a mono preset would be great.


After that……well, I will concentrate on that later.


I have downloaded a trial version of Photoshop CC  as I have read that it gives much greater control than LR, but so far I am clueless.


It’s not so easy. Unless the exposure is identical on each shot there will be differences, some will just need tweaking, others need greater adjustments. But I will carry on until i find a happy medium with one/either/both editing suites.


The one thing frustrating about LR is that the sharpening sliders are not as particular as I would like. It would be beneficial to be able to sharpen certain areas (eyes, lips) without adding overall sharpening to the entire image.


Oh, I have to say, damn those Fuji and Nikon files for sheer IQ!!!




2 comments on “Ticking Boxes

  1. james says:

    2 things, I think you can paint sharpness on 🙂 and despite the names, I find Lightroom a much better product for photo editing than photoshop, as you say it is overwhelming!

  2. Hi James, good to hear from you!

    Ive downloaded a free trial of PS CC and used it once! I thing what really stands between me and M43 is my ability to process effectively for things like noise and sharpness. The idea that i might F*ck up someone’s wedding photos by using a format I don’t have the skill to utilise, or be able to edit away the flaws is not a pleasant thought, unpaid or otherwise!

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