Partied Out


The end of the birthday festivities! The boys had a fab birthday party today, with the Harding Family all present and their little school friends too, how could they not?


Cards, pressies, a BBQ (with wine of course for the ladies), and a birthday cake each I would say it’s the perfect end to the summer holidays.


And a fabulous 6 weeks it has been for us.


Less than a week to go and we will be off back to respective schools and workplaces, and counting down the days ’til christmas!


There is plenty to occupy in the coming months though, and not just for the kids.



Wedding season for next year is already shaping up so there’s that to look forward to (and plan practise for),

P1010046 ty

a couple of portrait sessions and even a commercial business shoot in the next few weeks.


But between now and then I reckon we can take a minute, put our feet up…..


……and enjoy that glass of Vin Ordinaire.



(P.S – I only took about 10 photos, all shot at ISO 1250 with the PL 25mm)


2 comments on “Partied Out

  1. marla2008 says:

    Wondeful news about all the gigs coming up !!! Really exciting to grow as a photographer and turn a hobby into a more serious occupation. Wishing you all the best, from your oldest and greatest fan 😉

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