Caravan Chic


Ok, maybe NOT so chic, but a bloomin’ good time.


We had our annual  family outing to the ‘seaside’ ( more like the Thames Estuary), overlooking another ‘seaside’ town on said Estuary.


We were fortunate – as we seem to be almost every year – the weather was AMAZING, the accommodation equally impressive, and as the site was smaller than usual it had a cosy/retro feel to it.


There is plenty for the kids –  an indoor and outdoor pool with inflatables, play park, tennis, football, mini golf, arcades and evening Disco.


For the Adults there’s the bar. ‘Nuff Said.


(Oh alrighty…….reading IS an acceptable pastime)


All shots were taken with my mum’s Fuji X100 -, which I took along as it offers a 35mm FOV, considered the closest FL to mimic what the human eye sees. Personally, I am not so keen on the FL or this camera.


The metering is all over the shop, and when I change the settings to manual focus with the AEL/AFL button set to AF-ON the focus box was so big it often focussed on whatever was behind or in front of my subject, depending on contrast levels. I cannot knock the output, nor the controls, but overall its not my cup of tea.


I will be taking this camera to an upcoming event specifically because of the FOV, low light performance and leaf shutter, but after that I will happily return it to said owner and not look back.


That aside, I give this little holiday a 9/10, and look forward to next years jaunt, whence we will head to a different destination as we normally do, but with the usual suspects in tow.




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