Revert To Type

DSCF4060 gx7

When testing bodies/lenses/lighting…..anything really, its best to revert to a tried and tested methodology i.e Casey.


Luckily, we have it down pat, it takes maybe half an hour and we are bound to come out with a few pleasing images.

DSCF4066 gx7

This is how it works, but I believe its time to up the ante.


I reckon a Pro might take close to 1k images at any event – how many of those are useable – more to the point, aside from useability, how many are GOOD.


Sure , I may have taken 30-50 images last night, but how many made it to this page?

DSCF4046 gx7

This isn’t because the others are poorly focussed, some might be, on others the exposure might not be what I want (though that is fairly easily corrected) but MOST of the discarded shots are just not what I like, compositionally, as with Casey and any other human target, they move a lot, goof around.

DSCF4062 gx7

For street shooting, and probably events, this is where skill/artistic vision comes in handy, see the shot and take it, before it changes.  Expose, frame and shoot on the fly, yet create masterpieces. Hmm….I best learn me sum ‘dat.




One comment on “Revert To Type

  1. marla2008 says:

    A bunch of pretty nice ones in there. But, although I firmly believe gear has little to do with output, gear has a lot to do with inspiration, and inspiration is everything ! So, this m4/3 thingy is not working for you, at least not as well as other formats do. Yes you do get a lot of blur with the 75, but the *transition* from sharp to blurry is less than optimal (to put it kindly…) with m4/3. Short version : ditch the small sensor and come back to something more properly sized 😉 Whoever said size doesn’t matter… Lied

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