Bend It Like Beckham

I have come to the (temporary, i’m sure) conclusion that this is what is needed to wring the goodness from M43.


It’s all there but you really need to be a bit of a superstar photog if shooting in diverse conditions. Poor lighting, moving targets – clearly I’m not talking about myself.

Of course there are those that do, and do so very well – the mind springs to or and – fantastic photogs using mirrorless cameras in the Pro arena.


The single most important thing, as per any system, but especially M43, given its sensor size, is lens choice.


Now, I had the 75mm F1.8 and was perfectly happy with the results, but now I have the Olympus 60mm F2.8 macro, and whilst perfectly sharp and gorgeous in good light, low light – read any indoor light – sends the ISO into orbit and the shutter speed to the grave.


I think its the equivalent of about 5.6 on FF. Yes, I know folks say F2.8 worth of light is the same on any format I am not convinced. On a D800 F2.8 wont record ISO’s of 10,000 I’ll wager.


So for me, unless shooting with uber fast primes in reasonable light I will have to learn to bend light……….. (or maybe just off/on camera flash techniques)



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