Under The Surface….


…..Is where the differences begin to show themselves.


Initially, with any camera, you check basic functionality – the dials operate as per any other camera, function buttons are set accordingly, AF/MF options, tracking capabilities , so on and so forth. All is good.


Now, once you start playing around other little things come to light (good and bad) pinpoint AF is awesome, the WiFi app is very useable, and allows you to set a variety of parameters from your smartphone or iPad.


But, isn’t there always a but? despite Panasonic being considered one of the best in terms of UI, certain things are surprisingly flawed (says me).


In ‘picture effects’ mode, or whatever its called – the user isnt given the option of changing any exposure parameters such as ISO, SS or aperture, but can freely use compensation to adjust output. Also, neither on board nor external flash units work in this mode, so indoors the final image is often achieved with a combination of high ISO and slow shutter speeds- WTF?!


Using ‘scene effects’ mode, again exposure parameters are off limits, but thankfully flash CAN be used.


I get that these modes may well be aimed at point and shooters, but this is the group who will not understand when their images come out blurry thanks to 1/20th second shutter speeds. Panny loses points here as Sony and Olympus both offer full control in effect modes. But, I still think its fantastic – to the tune of almost 1k shots in just 1 week!




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