Well, maybe just a little weirder than the last few of Casey. But Im having fun with it. Its a very useable little machine, it almost asks to be picked up, and I am happy to oblige. THe FL of this lens (75mm) may be considered a tad long for indoor shooting – equating to about 150mm on full frame, but I can work with it and its great for portrait.There are complaints that m43 doesn’t offer enough subject isolation, or suffers from noise at all ISO’s, but I find that although the transitions between focus and OOF arent as smooth as larger sensors the noise performance is certainly equal to (if not better than) most of Sony’s SLT lineup. One of the upsides of M43 is the diminutive size of the bodies and, the GH3/4 bucks this trend. Its about the size of an entry level DSLR such as the Canon 1100d or Sony A58, and twice the price, but the lenses available for this system are easily half the size and weight. Balance reigns in the Universe still.

P1000565-Edit       😉


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