Strung The Strings..

..To my heart .

The Nikon D800  – a brief love affair.A few snaps from way back when…

_DSC2432-Edit-Edit-Edit _DSC1403 (2)-Edit-Edit



_DSC1590 (2)-Edit

_DSC1520 (2)


_DSC1046 (2)

_DSC1735 (2)

But, is it a Sony A99 killer for me?



Sometimes its the camera, often its the lens, but, the subject is everything. 

Honestly, my No.1 model may have been replaced by Little Lady Layla 🙂 


3 comments on “Strung The Strings..

  1. marla2008 says:

    Bring Casey back right this minute !!! Lool…

  2. Jamestux says:

    What a lovely set of images! I really like that first and last ones and the dog (and I don’t like dogs).

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