Play It Again Sam

And again, and again.


It goes around and around in my head, but, I think my Sony days may be reaching their conclusion.


Why – The EVF , the live exposure preview, swivelly screen thingy, dynamic range – all things to love, but…..the NOISE. Sigh.

DSC07543-Edit-Edit sony

The low light performance/high ISO/noise, however you term it, is crucifying me. Above ISO 800 it just looks dirty.


I probably don’t have the best optics, and that doesnt help, but Im a bit of pixel peeper for sharpness and focus and outside of good light its just not hitting the OCD standard.

DSC07598-Edit-Edit-Edit KIRS

So, I will ponder a little while… list it….. ponder some more, and then change my mind…..again.


Same time and place next week then?

DSC08189-Edit-Edit sony



3 comments on “Play It Again Sam

  1. marla2008 says:

    Brain twisting, truly, I’m on the same boat, though for different reasons. Let’s just be grateful for our first world problems, and indeed, meet at the same place and time next week 😉

  2. Lisa Hensley says:

    Did you ever figure out why the Sony has such bad noise at very low ISO Settings? I too have the same problems along with a very watercolor type texture on the skin. I have sent it in to Sony and they say it is working properly. But I am so dissapointed and wish that I would have never spent the money on this system.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, noise is the achilles heel of the Sony SLT system. It is a fabulous system with some great features, but noise could be a deal breaker depending on your usage. For me the noise per se is not a real issue, its the affect noise has on sharpness that is testing. The dynamic range, EVF and live view are pretty amazing, and currently not offered by Pentax, Nikon or Canon in the same way. The noise and primitive Af module are the compromises here.

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