Push The Envelope

Well, the outside of it anyway. Not as per the mathematical definition ”the locus of the ultimate intersections of consecutive curves’, more a suggestion to not get out of your box, its safe in there.



Ok, M43 is a well established format now, used by amateurs and Pro’s alike in many different genres. But, I cant help but note, that after APSC and full frame use it is harder to achieve what seems so easy with those larger sensors.


The upside for me is that I tend to have more fun with it. I look for different things to provide the final image. Not to try  to get past the performance limits of the camera, but to turn a blind eye to their existence or maybe try and maximise the performance benefits it offers.



Its a great camera. It has compromises……..but, it is still a great camera.





5 comments on “Push The Envelope

  1. marla2008 says:

    The 2 Max shots and the B&W Ty are gorgeous, the Kyra shots look very gritty, are they all with the E-M5, and is the difference intentional ?

  2. Yes, all EM5. The mono Kira shot Is with the grainy film filter in camera, the colour Kira shot was PP’d in Analog Pro that way cos focus is off :D. The one of Max lying down was with flash and the others were all window light.

  3. marla2008 says:

    Ok, my sentence will be : NO filter and *minimal* PP on this cam. Otherwise, all clear 😉

  4. Haha. You know how it is, you get a new cam you play, you f@*k up the shot you perform CPR. 😉

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