Beam Me Up Oly

 P1010108 (2) (1024x768)-Edit

I’m pretty much duplicating a post I’ve submitted to a different blog hosting site. I have been trying to compare the two sites in terms of UI, functionality for my personal use , how data is relayed back and various other things.


They are surprisingly  different, with each being stronger in certain areas.


The pics posted here today are from my ‘new’ Olympus OMD EM5, which I haven’t chosen over and above other offerings in this category  – Nex 7, Fuji XE2 – it was the right price and i saw it at the right time.


It’s a lovely unit (thank you Chris) and paired with the 45mm F1.8 is very handbag friendly. The way to gear hungry girl’s heart 🙂


So, these are initial snaps (except the one of Kira, which is from an earlier model) whilst i try to combat the ridiculous menus Olympus pride themselves on.


……now where has that damn SCP thingy gone…..?






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