The Shoestring End


The Sony DT 55-200mm – slow as molasses, made for crop sensor, but at £60 its an absolute gem, and a veritable bargain.


With a max aperture of F4 at the wide end and F5.6 at the tele end its perfectly good outdoors and even on the ’99 – where resolution is dropped to a ‘mere’ 10MP it doesn’t disappoint.


And you can even achieve reasonable subject isolation, at the long end, and within reasonable proximity of the intended subject.


I have recently been taking The Rainmaker out and about, but sometimes you want the reach without the weight.


I have been looking for other zooms – Sigma 75-200mm springs to mind, but sample variation is renowned and the only one on the board I’ve seen has a serial number starting with the dreaded 1xxxxx.


So for today the little Sony zoom fit the bill – It may  not be perfect, but its cheap,small and light, and good fun to boot.




One comment on “The Shoestring End

  1. marla2008 says:

    Oh oh, beautiful images again !!!!

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