Smoke & Mirrors


Sometimes the magic doesn’t happen.


I had a plan: take the A99 and Sigma 100-300mm F4, with a tripod, to the seaside, pick a spot and let the kids and dogs play for a while.


It all fits rather neatly in my new Tenba camera bag and would give me the opportunity to test the lens properly, with stability, and to practise shooting moving targets 😉


The plan was not well received.



The tripod stayed in the car and we wandered up (down?) the coast, stopping here and there along the way.


So, all images are handheld, only reiterating what I already know: motion is an issue, metering a PITA with mostly backlit subjects – resulting in muddy midtones, underexposed subject and blown highlights.





Another query that is difficult to answer is whether lens have a sweet spot in terms of lens focal length vs distance of subject. I find when shooting across greateer distance the images have a jello effect, no particular area of sharpness or focus.


But, with the usual array of subjects and standard static shots, I gotta say, the lens renders very well. Lovely contrast, colour and sharpness.


The AF is great, and I did (just) catch the odd ‘action’ shot.


In under two years I can clearly see a pattern of improvement, from knowing absolutely nothing about ISO, shutter speed and aperture, composition, metering etc to….here. But, there is still a loooong way to go it seems.


Inspiration, where art thou?






One comment on “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. I really like the 6 last pictures (specially the one with the little wall on the side of the road/path).

    Being a birdwatcher (with the spring migration just starting) I can only drool at the idea of a 300m f4…..

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